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Discover The Benefits Of Hiring Office Furniture Removalists

Are you moving soon, and don’t yet know if you are going to move alone, or use a moving company? Nowadays, companies have many workspaces, which often become too small or no longer operational. For these and other reasons, the need often arises to carry out a complete transfer of the offices to another location. To do this we must have office furniture removalists in Melbourne that specialized in office moves.

But do you know what a moving service carried out by a professional can bring you? To avoid regrets, take the time to take stock before deciding.

What do you need to make my company move?

To carry out a company move and an office move, good organization is first of all needed. It is recommended to inform workers, plan the transfer well in advance and take inventory of all office materials. To transport the company’s furniture and materials, it is recommended to hire a company that offers office transfer services. The company that carries out the business move will be in charge of requesting and obtaining the necessary permits.

How to make an office moving plan?

There are many ways to plan the relocation of a company and its offices. Some steps we recommend when developing an office moving plan based on our own experience are:

• Plan the dates for the move to the new offices 3-4 months in advance
• Inform employees of the transfer and the dates on which it will take place
• Ensure that the new facilities have the basic supplies to carry out work activities there
• Clean the new workspace, before moving furniture and office equipment
• Make an inventory of all office supplies

Hire the services of a company that deals with the transportation, packaging, assembly and disassembly of office furniture.

Is the moving company responsible for assembling and disassembling the furniture?

Yes, the moving company in charge of carrying out the transfer and moving of the offices can take care of, in addition to the transport and packaging of the furniture, the assembly and disassembly of the same.

The assembly and disassembly will depend on the access that exists in both the offices of origin and the offices of destination. This step will be carried out as long as it is requested by the client or is necessary for the safe transport of office furniture. If the accesses are spacious and allow the office furniture to be moved safely, the assembly and disassembly of the office furniture will not be necessary.

If, on the other hand, the accesses are narrow, the furniture must be dismantled, moved and reassembled in the destination offices.

5 reasons to hire a professional mover for office furniture moving:-

1 . Time-saving

Firstly, choosing the services of a professional mover will save you considerable time. Perfectly mastering his profession, he will be able to organize himself before and on the day of the office move:
• Preparing the boxes,
• Protecting your furniture
• Loading all the official belongings on board the moving truck
• Then unloading on arrival and reassembling the furniture.
This way, no time will be wasted during your move so you can enjoy your new home as quickly as possible.
At the same time, instead of preparing your boxes yourself, you will be able to carry out other activities such as carrying out administrative procedures or spending time with other work. In addition, you will preserve your body by avoiding handling boxes and heavy furniture.

2 . Better organization

Subsequently, the key to a successful move lies in its organization. An experienced professional mover will tell you what to do to best prepare for your move. Through recommendations, it will tell you, for example:
• The method for filling moving boxes
• Items to pack first
• The distribution of objects inside the box, according to their weight,
• Unplug all the important devices beforehand such as computers, Laptops, network servers, Etc.
By following these valuable tips, you will be able to better channel your energy, both physical and mental. This will help you avoid overwork!

3 . The movers have the appropriate means in case of constraints

The important issues to overcome when moving are often the carrying of heavy or bulky loads, and access difficulties linked to the geographical location of the accommodation to be moved, the number of floors, etc. By entrusting your move to a professional, you can be sure that on the big day, they will have the equipment and resources necessary to handle your furniture and boxes safely.
Depending on the level of difficulty of your move, they allocate sufficient staff and the right equipment. A move may indeed require the use of specific equipment such as:
• carrying straps for handling heavy loads (refrigerator, piano, etc.)
• trolleys, hand trucks rolling cabinets, etc.
• a furniture lift if the stairwell is too narrow, etc.
With a professional mover, there is no more risk of hurting your back by carrying heavy loads or trying to carry your old, irresistible wardrobe up the stairs!

4 . You have a clear idea of the costs necessary for your move

By using a mover, you know precisely what the move will cost you and how the costs are distributed. On the contrary, when you move alone, you are not always aware of the costs linked to the rental of a truck and equipment such as a freight elevator, the purchase of packaging and protection material, or even the provision of personnel to carry boxes.

5 . Protecting and handling all the furniture with care

Accustomed to carrying out all types of moves, our team of professional movers have a perfect command of handling and protection techniques.
• Specific packaging for your move
• Protective covers for your furniture
• Rigid wardrobes for your clothes on hangers
• Barrels and suitcases for your dishes
• Handling equipment to move your furniture safely

How to safely pack electronic devices during an office move?

Electronic devices such as CPUs, screens, printers, etc. will be packed with bubble wrap and protected with blankets and cardboard or plastic boxes for proper transportation.

Previously, a specialized technical and computer team coordinated by the moving company would disconnect the electronic devices and computer equipment. The connection and installation service of computer equipment, once the office transfer has been completed, may also be contracted.


Now you have a basic idea about the benefits of hiring a moving company for an office. Therefore, if you are looking for the best Furniture relocation service in Dandenong, do not hesitate to contact the Pykes Furniture Removals to request a quote. It’s completely free and doesn’t commit you to anything. You will thus be clear on the costs to be expected and will be able to anticipate the financing of the move. We offer several moving options to help you find the solution that best suits your needs and desires. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details on our services and the moving professionals belonging to our network.

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